Email Conversion: Why You’re Spending More But Getting Little in Return

A successful email marketing campaign converts your email audience into customers. But how many times do you send volumes of emails yet only get a handful of customers? Probably uncountable. Almost everyone using email marketing to reach their target audience can relate to this. While it’s possible to maintain high open rates, generating leads from your email marketing campaign requires a lot of effort. Even then, since the return only happens if recipients complete your desired call to action (CTA), you need a good email conversion rate.

So why is your email CTA conversion to open rate low, yet you’re targeting the right people and getting the best in class content out there?

Let’s see.

Personalization might be the problem

Personalization means a lot to users. Addressing a person by name is far more appealing than using generic subject content. You can also offer discounts on a product the user was looking for just to show that the email was specifically meant for them. When a customer feels like the email they’re receiving is generic, they lose interest. So give them that unique experience they’re looking for. Build your customer knowledge and leverage it within your email campaigns.

You’re not interacting with your audience

Many marketing emails are sent from a “no-reply” address, leaving the recipients with no option to reach the sender. That means, in case they would like to interact with your team before taking the desired action, it’s not going to be possible.

So what do they do? They simply close the email and even forget about what it’s talking about. That said, anytime you’re designing an email marketing campaign it’s essential to keep in mind that building meaningful relationships with your customers comes first before you sell them your product.

Instead of working with a solution that only focuses on sending out emails, you might want to work with a full-featured customer engagement platform like iService. With inbound email management, you can provide your team with the necessary tools to engage with your recipients and help them along their journey to conversion. 

Your email copy is too long

Typically, people have several things to work on in a day and they may not have all the time to read through lengthy emails. While you might want to give users sufficient information to convince them to buy from you, jamming your email copy with several paragraphs of text might work against your success. It’s, therefore, essential to keep the email content short and precise so that even on a busy workday they may spare a few minutes to go through the content. Use catchy headlines and images to make the content more engaging. Instead of trying to give all the information at once, you can provide links to longer posts so that users can go through the content at their own pleasure.

Your design might be wrong

A brilliant email design emphasizes the important parts of your marketing content. If your newsletters are cluttered chances are users might not be interested in going through the content. Typically, most users want to know what the email is all about at a glance. Therefore, if they’re straining to understand what you’re talking about, you’re simply missing the point. 

Your CTAs are less impactful

If your CTAs are generic, you’re going to get little in return. Your CTAs should essentially make your product memorable in every way so that users don’t feel you’re always asking them to take the same action every time you send them an email. With a well-crafted CTA it’s possible to compel users to take the desired action, whether it’s visiting your products page to check new offers or an optimized landing page that requires action. Ensure your CTAs are tailored to the content to keep the emails relevant to your recipients.

Do you feel like you’re ready to improve your email conversion after going through this article? Well, give it a try and see how well it works for you.  

iService could be your game changer

Here’s why iService could be the game changer for your email conversion rate:

  • Mailing lists are built from your contact database. So you’re actually sending emails to people your agents have interacted with before.
  • Permission-based marketing whereby recipients can opt in and out of mailing lists whenever they want. In that way, you only contact those who need the information you’re sharing.
  • Use any custom contact property to target a specific group of people. For instance, you can use a custom contact property to limit recipients by location, product preference, or business unit. 
  • The execution of mailing lists is separate from the setup to avoid sending errant mailing messages. In that way, you can test your email.
  • Track your mailings and get a daily report of click rates.
  • Every mass mailing message is included in your contacts’ history. Therefore, you get a full overview of your interactions with a contact in one place

These are standard features for any outbound email tool these days. The real game changer is turning the campaign into an interactive dialogue with your list prospects. With sophisticated inbound messaging, you can remove any objections your recipients have and lead them gently down the path to conversion. 

If you’re out to boost your email conversion as well as improve your customer engagement, getting a full-featured customer engagement platform is the way to go.