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iService® Security

Security is critical for businesses moving to the cloud. That’s why we put as much effort into ensuring the security of our solution and your data as we do it’s extensive set of features.

For organizations that have barriers to using SaaS solutions, we offer an on-premise version that gives you complete control over your installation.

iService Data Security

How we ensure security and availability

iService operates on a private cloud colocated within a secure datacenter with power, physical security, and environmental controls that ensure the security and availability of your system and data 24/7.

Secure Connections

All data in motion and backups are encrypted. Users connect to the system with a web browser and HTTPS encrypted Internet connection. HTTP connections are disallowed.

Malware and Ransomware

All incoming email to iService hosted mailboxes is protected by the Barracuda Email Security Service. Every message is evaluated for SPAM and malware. Additional protection is provide by Advanced Threat Protection to protect against malware and ransomware.

High Availability for Email

Redundant mail servers operate in separate physical locations. Email is queued within the Barracuda Email Security Service for redelivery if an event caused all mail servers to become unavailable.

Logical Access Controls

Users have access controls implemented through user types, which are assigned to agents based on their job roles. Separate configurations for business segments enforce access control over the interaction history and customer data of each business unit.

Firewall controls

Redundant firewalls operate in HA mode to ensure uptime and security. Separate firewalls are deployed at both the colocation facility level and the iService cloud environment.

DMARC Protection

iService mailboxes are protected using DMARC, a special protocol that reassures that an email was sent from a specific sender. It eliminates the possibility of phishing, spoofing and other malicious activity.

Separate Databases

Each iService tenant is provided a separate dedicated database that is not comingled with other customer data. All customers have the option to move from the cloud environment to their own on-premises installation at any time.

Privacy and Compliance

End users of iService can access their full interaction history and contact information that you store in iService. In compliance with GDPR access requirements, users can modify or remove the details they have provided. Interaction history can be purged, but only by an iService systems administrator

Information Available under NDA

The iService control environment follows the Trust Services framework to ensure the security and availability of your system and data. A full list of controls designed to ensure the achievement of the Trust Services Criteria for security and availability is available with an executed NDA.