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Promoting your iService content with Social Media

Social Media Content

Social media is a great way for people to share knowledge. Whether it’s their favorite recipe, an important bit of news, of something they’ve recently learned, sharing content is a popular way for people to communicate. 

Your iService knowledge base is also a great way to share knowledge. You can quickly create new content, organize it by topic, attach files, and use properties to tag related information. And with the new social media share option, you can leverage your knowledge base content in multiple ways. 

The tabs version of the customer engagement center now includes share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It also includes a convenient way to copy the URL of an article for sharing directly with others. 

Social Media Content

Your customers now have the option to share your KB content with their social network, expanding the reach of your message. It’s a great way to get new traffic into your knowledge base and expose users to the information you’ve been curating. 

But you can also leverage your content to promote your brand and build interest in your own social media channels. For example, if you create a new article explaining a cool feature or hot promotion, why not promote it yourself? Let your marketing team know about new content, and they can promote it across your organization’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts with a few clicks. 

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