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Creating Personal Interactions

Personalizing the customer interaction experience for your prospects and customers has obvious benefits. Your relationships are based on trust, and trust is built from interactions that make people feel good about the experience. 

Research has shown that our brain reacts differently when we hear our own name. Remember how you felt when an acquaintance remembered your name? Have you gone to a restaurant, and a server recognized you and suggested your favorite entrée?

You can leverage iService® data to provide more personal interactions at enterprise scale.

iService Personalization

Personalization requires data. iService makes it easy.

Define your personalizationand segmentation needs

iService includes many options for personalizing content and the customer interaction process. But your first step is to understand the data you need. How do you segment your prospects and customers? What data is needed to target the right offer to the right person, at the right time?

Before you can build out your personalization strategy you’ll have to answer these types of questions. Think about future marketing campaigns as well as personalizing your support interactions. If you can envision a way to segment and target prospects and customers, iService has a way to make it happen. 

iCentive Market Segmentation

Build your data modelusing iService properties

iService makes it easy to personalize your interactions and target your outbound messages or preview dialing campaigns using custom properties, like product preferences, birthdays, and other details that will help you create targeted interactions. You can quickly create contact properties to save:

  • Dates
  • Numbers
  • Integers
  • Free-form Text Inputs
  • Free-form Text Areas
  • Lists

Multiple methods availableto gather your data

iService provides a variety of methods for gathering the data you need to personalize your customer’s experience. 

Landing pages – Use iService Forms to create engaging landing pages where customers and prospects can provide their preferences directly. 

iService Integrations – Use our Zapier integration to connect with over 3,000 other cloud based apps.

Customer Engagement Center – Your customers can update any contact property directly within a customer portal.  

iService Utilities – If you can output a CSV file from any operational system. iService can process it automatically and update contact properties.