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New customer engagement tools in iService 8.4

It goes without saying that a good customer interaction solution helps you interact better with your customers and gives prospects a reason to try out your brand. iService® 8.4 includes new customer engagement features that will not only improve your sales and marketing capabilities but also ensure your users can get what they’re looking for without having to wait on your agents. 

Here’s what’s new in 8.4.

New Interface for Content Creators

The new Manage Knowledge Base Articles interface makes it easy to create content for your agents, customers, and prospects. Half the battle of creating customer engagement centers that provide real value is creating content, and keeping it updated. The new content creation interface simplifies the process with a full rich text editor, support for file attachments, and the ability to simply paste images into your content. The new UI leverages one of the most powerful features of iService: adding properties (text, dates, numbers, etc.) to help categorize and organize your content.

Manage iService KB
The new Manage KB Articles Page

You can do a deep dive into the knowledge base content management tool in our user guide.

New Customer Engagement Center

Customers prefer getting what they want with just a few clicks, and without waiting for an agent. In that light, iService now includes a new customizable support center, the CustomerPortal-tabs form. The new form provides an intuitive support website that you can completely customize to help you engage with your customers.

There’s a customizable support home page where you can add any of your own content, like hours of operation or links to other parts of your website. it also features a new contact form with self-help integration, access to history and contact details, and a feature to search the knowledge base. In other words, your customers can access all support features in a single location. Instead of asking a question and waiting for an agent, customers can get quick answers provided in the self-help interface. 

Users can also subscribe to knowledge base articles so that they get notifications when you update the content. They can also rate articles to help you locate content that needs improvement.

We’ve customized a version for our own customers, which you can visit to learn more about iService. Although it’s completely built on iService, the user experience is as if you’ve never left our main website. We simply included the header and footer of this website into the form, making the navigation seamless for users.

An example of an integrated support potal

Easy-to-Use Preview Dialer

Do you have contacts that need a follow up call? Our new Preview Dialer can help you streamline that process and make the most of every call. It makes it easy for your agents to get in touch with customers who need follow up by leveraging contact search results. All you need to do is to search on any contact property to generate a list of contacts for follow up. Make call scripts for your Preview Dialer sessions so that you deliver a consistent message. It’s a great way to quickly make calls, and be prepared for the conversation as soon as you connect.

Read more about the preview dialer in this blog post.

Want to learn more about this new version of iService? Check our User Guide for more details about what’s changing in V8.4

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