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New options for getting answers with iService 8.5

Customer satisfaction is at the center of every organization’s success. You want your customers to get the appropriate response to their questions whenever they need it. While your agents work hard to answer customer questions, there are times when a question is beyond their expertise. They either have to spend a lot of time researching or need to reach out to an expert for help. Sometimes the folks with the answer aren’t agents within your customer interaction management software. 

So what’s next? If your agents can’t answer, how do you get help from the subject matter expert if they’re not part of your team? In release 8.5, we’ve introduced new ways to collaborate with non-licensed agents whenever you need help.

Here’s what’s new.

External Answer Page

Must everyone log in to your iService tenant as an agent to give a response? Not at all. With the external answer page, non-iService agents can respond to questions without logging in. All an agent needs to do is forward the question to an email address using the Forward to External Action. The assigned agent will then get an email notification with a link to the external answer page where they can submit a response. The page uses a Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) to identify the question, and anyone with the link can answer anytime until it’s resolved. So if your agents can’t answer a question, they can collaborate with whomever in your organization knows. 

Answer by Email

Some agents don’t handle enough questions to stay logged into your iService system all day. And they might not want to login just to answer a single question. That’s why the Answer by Email feature was designed. It notifies iService agents with the skills required to answer a particular question every time a new message arrives. They can simply reply to the question, and iService composes the agent response. The customer never sees the agent’s email address, and your brand identity is retained. 

In release 8.5, the feature was expanded to allow any email address to submit answers without requiring an iService agent license. It also accepts file attachments with the answer. 

Other Highlights in iService 8.5

To improve customer engagement, iService now allows users to share knowledge base articles via social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Can you imagine how far your KB articles may get if every user shares one with a friend? Not only will potential customers get exposure to your brand, but you will also be providing answers to questions before they land in your inbox.

Want to learn more about the full release? Check our User Guide for more information.

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