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iService WorkflowOrchestrator


Streamline the customer journey

easy forms

No-CodeLots of options

The workflow orchestrator is a tool for creating custom forms and menus without programming knowledge. It includes a “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) interface for building forms that create tickets, update contact details, and send emails. Quickly build contact forms, agent forms, and custom agent menus that take the appropriate action with a single button click.

Import a Workflow or Build Your Own

Portable and easy to use

Workflow content is portable. Import one of the prebuilt workflows as a starting point for your own solution. Or just jump into the WYSIWYG editor and start laying things out on your own.

Leverage examples

You can leverage existing workflows and have the freedom to customize and adapt them to your unique business needs. It’s particularly useful for organizations looking to standardize processes across different departments or teams, ensuring consistency while accommodating specific operational nuances. This approach streamlines workflow management, making it more efficient and adaptable to changing business environments.

Build Powerful Smart Forms

One form, multiple actions

Create web forms that trigger multiple actions like creating contacts, updating contact properties, and creating tickets with unlimited database properties.

Add tags for agent workflow

Use the form to begin a workflow with custom agent menus that have the exact action buttons agents need. Attach a tag to the ticket you create so it can trigger special action menus.

Simple interface

The WYSIWYG interface makes it easy to create contact forms of any type in minutes. 

Custom Agent Interfaces

Give agents the interface they need

Inflexible interfaces can be problematic, particularly in scenarios like approval requests or monitoring alerts. A standard interface may require navigating through multiple steps to complete a simple approval or document a resolution, leading to inefficiencies and potential delays.

Simplify and automate

Custom interfaces address this by providing streamlined processes specifically designed for the use case. This tailored approach reduces the number of steps and time involved, directly enhancing user experience and agent productivity.

Single click actions

Agents can process approvals or resolve alerts with a single click, improving workflow efficiency, accuracy, and overall response times. Actions that used to require multiple steps can be converted into single click button actions. 


Integrate Critical Data

Upload price lists and other files

iService Workflow includes a data integration solution for uploading and maintaining a simple database for your workflow, including ongoing file maintenance. It allows embedding custom data, like price lists, directly into agent forms.

Use with grid properties

Use the ‘grid’ property, akin to a spreadsheet, to create detailed documents such as price quotes or bills of materials. By having this data readily available within the workflow, it significantly streamlines the process of document creation and delivery, enhancing efficiency and decision-making speed.

Custom Content for Everything

Create rich content right in the browser

Create custom content within your workflow using templates needed for your use case. Using a straightforward rich text editor and variables, these templates facilitate the creation of personalized content for email responses, ticket bodies, and other communications.

Standardize interactions and reinforce your brand

This capability ensures consistency and high quality in customer interactions, significantly enhancing customer experience and reinforcing your brand.