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Enterprise Features

iService® was built to support the needs of your entire enterprise. From business development through post-sales support, iService provides solutions for everyone in your organization. 

iService in the Enterprise

Built for everyone in the enterprise

Your teams have different needs. iService gives them options.

Multiple Business Units

Give each business unit their own custom configuration. iService promotes collaboration among business units that makes agents productive and customers happy.


Branded Portals

Customizable engagement centers for each business segment. Let each team design their own experience for their unique customer needs.

Secure & reliable

Our hosting environment is highly reliable. We offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee and monitor 24x7 so you can rest easy knowing iService is always on.

Unlimited workflow options

Custom Workflows

Enterpriseworkflow options

Credit memo approvals. Open quote tracking. If you can define the process, iService can put it into a workflow that’s email driven or user-interface based.

iService Workflow Diagram