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iService® Integrations

iService® integration makes your life better makes happy agents improves customer sat is easy

iService Integration

Integrate with more than 3000 apps with our Zapier Integration

Triggers and Actions

When this happensDo that

Use iService® Zapier triggers and actions to automate integrations with thousands of cloud-based applications. When a trigger event happens in one system, Zapier implements the action in the other system.

Leverage your operational support systems with iService® Utilities


iService® Batch Utility

Generate CSV files from your operational systems, and iService® Utilities will process them against custom forms automatically. Auto generate tickets, send customer notices, update contact properties, or any other action supported by iService® forms.

Direct Integrations

Workforce Management

Call centerstaffing and scheduling

Use our workforce management integrations to get a single view of agent activity in your workforce planning tools. Estimate staffing levels based on metrics tracked within iService®. Or, use our Time of Day reporting for insights into your peak times and optimal staffing levels.

OpenIDSimplify Agent Logins with iService's Open ID Integration

iService offers a robust open ID integration feature designed to streamline and simplify the agent login process. With support from popular identity providers such as Google, Microsoft, and Okta, iService provides a flexible and secure way for agents to access the platform.

The integration process is straightforward and user-friendly. Just enter your client credentials on the OpenID settings page, and the magic happens behind the scenes. iService dynamically updates the login page to include the appropriate login button corresponding to the chosen identity provider. This eliminates the need for agents to remember multiple sets of login credentials and ensures a hassle-free login experience.

By leveraging open ID integration, iService not only enhances security but also significantly improves the user experience for agents. It’s a powerful feature that simplifies the access process while maintaining the highest standards of security and data protection. Whether you’re using Google, Microsoft, or Okta as your identity provider, iService ensures that your agents can easily access the system, making customer interaction management more efficient and user-friendly than ever before.

PaymentPayment Integration: Enhancing iService with Heartland by Global Payments

A game-changing feature – seamless payment integration through Heartland, a leading name in payment processing. Heartland, the fifth-largest merchant services provider in the United States, brings unparalleled reliability and efficiency to our platform.

iService now empowers users with a range of payment-related actions, all conveniently integrated within your specified workflows. From refunds and reimbursements to payment authorization, capturing payments, voiding transactions, handling chargebacks, tokenization, payment notifications, and robust fraud detection and prevention – iService has you covered.

What’s more, you can specify these payment-related actions to specific user types, ensuring that only authorized personnel handle payments with your customers. This added layer of control and security guarantees a seamless and secure payment experience, tailored to your unique business needs. Experience the benefits of Heartland’s expertise seamlessly integrated into the iService ecosystem, designed to meet your highest standards of service and security.