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Getting Your Customer to the Right Channel

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The customer journey in search of an answer can be tiresome. Navigating between FAQs, forums, contact forms, and chatbots can sometimes seem like a losing battle for customers. 

Customers take the path of least resistance, and highest cost when your support processes are not unified. The telephone or contact page is the escape hatch for customers looking for answers. Although you have the best content, curated by a staff of the most knowledgeable people in your company, your customers may never see it.

The iService® customer engagement center helps you bridge that gap. With all of your resources combined into a unified experience, your customers stand the best chance of finding what they need without having to engage with an agent. The Ask a Question form in the iService customer portal provides the option to immediately reach out for help. Unlike most contact forms, however, the iService contact form guides the user seamlessly through potential answers before they submit their question. 

Finding an Answer From the Question Form

Check out this example for someone looking for details about shipping oversized items. They start by picking shipping as the topic for their question. iService then presents a slimmed down version of your content for the selected topic in a simple table. This allows them to quickly find their answer before proceeding without having to think about searching the knowledge base.

The user can filter the results and will be encouraged to check your content before continuing to submit the form. If you don’t have content for the selected topic, iService goes straight to the ticket process. The user can also continue past the offered content and submit their question without any friction if desired.

Improving Question Quality

Let’s assume your customer didn’t find their answer and they proceed to submitting their question. What about all those details you need to help them? Maybe they wanted to request a quote, but they didn’t give you enough information about the product or quantity. Wouldn’t it be great if you could automagically ask for the specifics you need before they compose their question?

Since iService knows the topic of their question, the required information will be automatically requested when they continue with the form. In the example below, the user has a question about their account. So, iService requires them to enter their account number before submitting their question. 

These use cases are supported without any programming or form setup. Since your knowledge base content and required properties are associated with topics, the forms are auto-created in real-time without the need for developers. 

As you can see, iService makes it easy to streamline the customer journey on your support website. With a little time invested in developing good content, you will soon have your customers cruising down the right path.

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