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Quick access to everything you know about your customer and their interactions with your teams.

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Enterprise level features without enterprise sticker shock

Customizable Contact Summary

Make your agents' lives easy with custom views of contact information and history. Quick access to actions like sending the customer an email, creating a ticket, or adding a call note to their history.

Unlimited Contact Properties

Track and manage an unlimited number of custom fields for your contacts. Use them for service level management, outbound email campaigns, sales campaigns and other workflow.

History at Your Fingertips

Every one of your customer's messages, call notes, chats, and mass mailings are archived into a searchable and exportable datatable. View by conversation or chronologically. Nice.

Quick history overview

Recent Historytimeline

Get a quick view of the interactions you’ve had with any contact. Have the who, what, when, where, and how for every interaction at your fingertips.

Customer Status

Know theirstatus

Are there any unresolved questions I should know about when I handle this question? Is this our first contact this week? Who last interacted with them? Be in the know.

Extensive History

Know theirhistory

Whether grouped by case or chronologically, iService makes it easy to research customer history and find exactly what you need to know.

Secure Customer Information

Unlimitedcontact details

Every business unit has their own customer view. Technical support knows their configuration. Finance knows their account. Sales knows their preferences. And confidential information is restricted to authorized agents.

iService Quick Actions
Quick Actions From Search

Interactdirectly from search

Send email, create tickets, and add call notes directly from contact search results.