Email marketing with iCentives®

Outbound mass mailing that isn’t an add-on to your CRM. Staying in touch doesn’t have to be hard.

A core component of iService® ... not an integration or 3rd party app

Access to every contact

Built from yourcontacts

Your mailing lists and campaigns are part of iService, not an add-on or integration. Every aspect of your mass mailings are core features of iService built on your contact database.

Mailing List Contacts
List Management

Complete listmanagement

Let your contacts control their content with permission-based marketing. Contacts can subscribe to lists, campaigns, and knowledge base articles. Provide an Instant Unsubscribe option so contacts can opt-out of any mailing.

Targeted Mailings

Target contentto the right contact

Use any custom contact property to target mailings. Limit recipients by location, product preference, business unit, or anything you track for your contacts.

Access Control


There’s nothing worse than sending an errant mass mailing. Separate the execution of mailings from the setup to ensure your campaigns are properly tested before they’re sent.

Operational Mailings


Use mass mailings to drive operational campaigns and notifications.  Keep teams up to date and in the know.

Mailing Metrics

Detailed Reports

Get a daily report delivered to your inbox with the results of recent mailings. Drill down into click through and message read details.

Mailing History

Trackevery message

Every mass mailing is included in the contact’s history. Get a true 360 degree view of your interactions with every contact in one place.

Hosting Features

The right messageat the right time

Use drip campaigns to stay top of mind and nurture your relationships. Schedule onboarding notices with campaigns. Just set the schedule, pick the messages, and add contacts when they’re ready to start listening.  iService will do the rest.