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Email is dead. Long live email!

You’ve probably heard the phrase “The king is dead. Long live the king!”,  which is a proclamation used to mark the death of a monarch and the ascension of a new one. It means that while the old king is gone, the monarchy itself lives on through a new king.

In a world filled with flashy messaging apps and constant social media chatter, you might think that email is not going to be relevant for much longer. But even as technology whirls around us, email remains an essential tool for business communication. Let’s explore why email matters so much in today’s world, backed by some fresh email stats for 2023.

Email’s Growth Continues

Imagine this: According to Statistics, there are 4.258 billion people using email. And this number is expected to grow to about 4.4 billion by the end of the year. To put that in perspective, 3.5 billion people are using social media. So, while social media is popular, email is even bigger when it comes to users.

This growth in email usage signifies its importance in connecting people and businesses across the globe. But, as we delve deeper into the email landscape, we encounter challenges that businesses must navigate. One of the most significant challenges is the potential for explosive growth when you open that communication channel.

So Many Emails Every Day

Emails are pouring in – more than 300 billion every day! That’s personal conversations and business messages combined. By the end of 2023, it might even hit 350 billion, showing that email is still super popular.

The sheer volume of emails exchanged daily underscores the vital role email plays in modern communication. Whether it’s a quick message to a colleague or a comprehensive business proposal, email serves as a versatile medium for conveying information. Since everyone has an email, it’s the most common and preferred way for many people to connect.

People Have More Than One Email

On average, people have 1.75 email accounts. Why? Well, it helps them keep work and personal stuff separate. Some folks even have more than two email addresses, especially if they’re freelancers or have a unique job.

Having multiple email accounts has become commonplace, allowing individuals to maintain clear boundaries between work-related and personal correspondence. Freelancers and professionals who wear many hats often find it practical to use distinct email addresses for different aspects of their lives.

Email is Ubiquitous

Almost half of all emails (46%) are opened on smartphones. That’s because we use our phones for everything, including checking emails. Thanks to smartphones, many of us check our emails outside of regular work hours. In fact, 82% of people admit to doing this. The flexibility of email access beyond traditional work hours presents businesses with opportunities to reach their audience at various times.

Understanding the email habits of recipients and planning your support center staffing accordingly can improve response time and the customer experience.

The Struggle of Ignored Emails

Now, this is the tough part – providing timely and accurate responses. Your customers and prospects expect instant gratification and acknowledgment. But don’t lose hope! Customer interaction technology is available to give your team the tools they need to tackle these challenges.

iService’s Approach to Addressing Challenges

In the face of these challenges, innovative solutions are required to ensure effective and efficient email communication. This is where iService steps in as a pioneering force in the customer interaction space with over 25 years of industry experience.

iService offers digital customer service and marketing solutions that have been trusted by some of the world’s largest corporations. At its core, iService is a comprehensive platform designed to handle high volumes of customer email inquiries, manage mission-critical ticketing and notifications, facilitate secure messaging, enable live chat, support outbound email marketing, and provide solutions for a wide range of customer engagement needs.

How to Provide Personalized Customer Service

To strike the right balance in personalization, you need to:

  • Efficient Email Handling: iService ensures that email inquiries are assigned to a single agent at a time, eliminating the risk of multiple agents working on the same query. This streamlines email management enhances efficiency, and reduces response times. You always know who’s working on the answer.
  • Streamlined QA Process: iService introduces a streamlined Quality Assurance (QA) process for new agents, allowing them to propose answers that are reviewed by QA managers. This rigorous process ensures that responses meet the required standards, resulting in high-quality customer interactions.
  •  Advanced Filtering: iService enhances email pre-processing with a wide range of filter actions, including topic modification, integration of questions into existing cases, and distribution of tasks to agents. This extensive filtering capability allows for more efficient email management compared to conventional systems.
  • External Agent Collaboration: iService simplifies collaboration with external agents by providing a “Forward to External Agent” button. Customizable templates request answers from external agents, with no license fees or limitations on the number of requests. This feature ensures seamless collaboration with partners and stakeholders.
  • Segmented Business Approach: iService offers the flexibility to create multiple business segments, each with its own configuration. Agents can access one or multiple segments, ensuring that interactions are appropriately managed and segmented based on authorization levels.

Harness the Power of Email with iService

In conclusion, email is still a super important way for businesses to connect with people. It’s used by billions, it’s versatile, and it’s always with us. But the volume can be difficult to manage, and it’s crowded out there. So, businesses need to keep improving how they use email to make sure the customer journey is positive. By paying attention to how people use email, following some best practices, and implementing solutions like iService, businesses can make sure their emails hit the mark and get noticed.

Transitioning into the world of modern business solutions, iService tackles these challenges head-on to provide an efficient and effective email communication platform. With over 25 years of industry experience, iService understands the evolving landscape of email communication and offers solutions to help businesses stand out. iService’s experience with the common challenges faced in email communication sets it apart.

In the ever-evolving digital business landscape, email remains a steadfast and indispensable communication tool. Its enduring role continues to shape how businesses connect, engage, and thrive in the modern world.

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