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Category: How Tos

Customer Data: Making The Most Out Of It

In this digital era where most business decisions are driven by customers, it’s more important than ever to know your customers on a deeper level – by understanding their experiences, behavior, and purchase needs. In that light, customer data is becoming a valuable asset for every business even as companies strive to tap into critical behavioral insights that can help them build strong customer relationships.  So ask yourself, do you have the data required to understand your customers’ experiences and behavioral patterns? Can you personalize your interactions using that data? The amount of customer data generated every day can be

What It Takes To Win Customer Loyalty

Repeat customers spend at least 60% more than new customers and it’s up to 10 times more costly to win new customers than to retain existing ones. It’s essential for every business to prioritize winning customer loyalty and trust. So, what does it really take to win customer loyalty?

Understanding Customer Touch Points and Their Impact

Whether you run a small business or a mega enterprise, understanding the individual transactions through which customers as well as prospects interact with your brand is an essential part of your customer experience strategy. You want to ensure customers are happy with every interaction whenever they connect with your customer service, website, sales staff, or any kind of marketing content. Since a customer’s journey entails several things that happen before, during, and after their experience with your brand, connecting these dots along their journey will help you improve your performance.  That said, where do you start?  First and foremost, you

Email Conversion: Why You’re Spending More But Getting Little in Return

A successful email marketing campaign converts your email audience into customers. But how many times do you send volumes of emails yet only get a handful of customers? Probably uncountable. Almost everyone using email marketing to reach their target audience can relate to this. While it’s possible to maintain high open rates, generating leads from your email marketing campaign requires a lot of effort. Even then, since the return only happens if recipients complete your desired call to action (CTA), you need good email conversion rate. So why is your email CTA conversion to open rate low, yet you’re targeting

5 Smart Customer Engagement Strategies That Work

In order to acquire, convert, and retain customers and give them a reason to tell friends about your brand, you need to engage with them. It’s essential to connect with them in the most appropriate, effective, and meaningful way. A smart customer engagement strategy helps you build loyalty.

Preview Dialer: What You’re Missing

An automated dialer might come to mind as the most efficient process when you think of calling a list of contacts. But automated dialing (including predictive and progressive dialing) can be a risky endeavor. Auto-dialers can create an awkward delay when your customer or prospect answers the call. And their use can violate TSR and/or TCPA standards, which carry hefty fines and risks litigation from unhappy consumers. Preview dialing, on the other hand, can give your prospects a better experience without compromising agent efficiency. If anything, a preview dialer ensures your agents deliver a personalized experience to customers without struggling