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Category: Features

Streamlined secure messaging process

The new Secure Answer panel enhances agent productivity for teams dedicated to secure messaging. This is a gamechanger for online banking, healthcare, or other teams that handle high volume secure message inquiries.

Customer Portal Updates for a Better Customer Experience

A well designed customer portal improves your customers’ experience when they need to interact with you. And it helps take the load off of your support staff. Whether browsing the knowledge base for answers, asking a question through the builtin contact form, accessing interaction history, or updating contact information, users can do it all with the iService customer portals.  iService 8.6 includes enhancements to the builtin customer engagement centers that make this experience even better.   Let’s take a look at some of the improvements to the customer portals in iService 8.6. Option to Hide Login and Registration The iService customer

Delighting Consumers and Driving Efficiency With Omnichannel Support

In recent years, the customer engagement space has changed remarkably. As companies seek ways to improve customer experience, silo support channels are becoming a thing of the past. Most people are now shifting to omnichannel customer service to deliver a great support experience. According to a report by Digital Commerce, 86% of customers expect you to know them as they interact with your team across multiple channels, and that’s best achieved with an omnichannel support platform. Why? Because all communication channels are synchronized to deliver consistent customer service.  Sounds like something you might want to implement? Well, it’s time you

Promoting your iService content with Social Media

New social media share options help you leverage your iService knowledge base content.
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Getting Your Customer to the Right Channel

Providing answers in the right channel, at the right time, is an important aspect of multi-channel support. The new iService Ask a Question interface provides all the tools you need to grease the wheels of your customers journey to a successful interaction.

Preview Dialer: What You’re Missing

An automated dialer might come to mind as the most efficient process when you think of calling a list of contacts. But automated dialing (including predictive and progressive dialing) can be a risky endeavor. Auto-dialers can create an awkward delay when your customer or prospect answers the call. And their use can violate TSR and/or TCPA standards, which carry hefty fines and risks litigation from unhappy consumers. Preview dialing, on the other hand, can give your prospects a better experience without compromising agent efficiency. If anything, a preview dialer ensures your agents deliver a personalized experience to customers without struggling

New customer engagement tools in iService 8.4

This release of iService includes a new content management system for the knowledge base, new customer engagement center, and tools to make your outbound calling more productive.