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Business Development

iService® provides the tools you need to get your pipeline moving. Support every step of your process from lead generation, through deal closing, and after-sales support with automation and a personalized customer journey.

iService Business Development Tools

iService helps you fill your pipeline.

Building trust is an important part of generating business and closing sales. You build trust over time by demonstrating that you can listen, understand needs, and propose the right solution at the right time. iService helps you build knowledge about your contacts, personalize your outreach, and ensure timely and value-added follow-up. Selling at scale requires interacting at scale, and iService enhances every interaction.

Here are a few ways that you can leverage the power of iService automation to streamline your business development process. 

Landing Pages

Smarterlanding pages

Integrate iService form actions into your landing pages and you can:

  • Add prospects to mailing lists
  • Launch nurture marketing campaigns
  • Create follow-up tickets
  • Update contact properties
  • and more!

Any action supported by iService forms can be easily integrated into your landing pages. Learn more about building your lists and understanding your customers and prospects better with landing pages.

iService Landing Pages
Drive marketing workflow with landing pages
iService Personalization

Leverage customer datafor better interactions

With unlimited contact properties, you can leverage your enterprise understanding of your prospects and customers for more personalized communications. Enhance your customer data with available integrations, or use the iService Utilities to capture information from your operational systems.

Learn more about personalization in iService.

Outbound Email


Leverage iService customer information for highly targeted email campaigns. Give your customers and prospects the information they want, when they want it, based on everything you know about them. 

With a robust email response solution supporting your outbound campaigns, you can make your sales and marketing conversations interactive. Remove friction from your connecting your outbound email recipients directly to the iService inbound solution. 

Read more about iService Email Marketing.

iCentives Campaigns
Automated Mass Mailing

Nurture marketing keeps you top of mind

Use iCentives® nurture marketing campaigns to gently guide your customers and prospects through their buying journey. Just add them to a campaign, and a series of pre-selected mailings will send them personalized follow-ups according to your schedule

High quality quotes

Built-inQuote automation

The quote you send a prospect is often the first impression they have of your organization. Attaching a PDF document to your email makes you look like a newbie. A nicely configured HTML quote, on the other hand, can set you apart from your competition.

iService includes a unique quote and follow-up workflow that gives agents pre-configured quote templates, and a custom interface for quickly generating proposals that reinforce your brand. Whenever you open a quote request, a custom quoting interface provides a list of templates you can use for the response. Simply enter the required values, preview the quote, and send it off.

If you send lots of quotes, this will be a game changer for you.

iService Quote Management
Manage Open Quotes

Close morebusiness

The Open Quote forms provide a real-time view of sales pipelines, with direct access to history and quick actions.

  • Track the status of every quote
  • Agents have their queue for follow-up
  • Managers see the entire sales pipeline
  • Capture the resolution for every quote
  • Send quick follow-up emails and document call notes
  • Collaborate with colleagues, while providing a unified experience to your prospect.
Improve outbound Dialing

Better connectionswith the Preview Dialer

The iService Preview Dialer makes it easy to follow up with large numbers of prospects. Use any contact search criteria to quickly build a list. Pick a script to guide your call, and then see a preview of every contact before dialing. Call with the confidence that you have the most current view of the customer, and make quick call notes to document your conversation. 

Read our blog about the value of preview dialing.