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April 2024 Update: Enhanced AI Capabilities, Microsoft Graph API Integration, and Simplified Ticket Merging


The latest version of iService® includes several enhancements and improvements. This update features an upgrade to the Copilot AI, support for Microsoft Graph API, and a new feature for merging tickets.

iService Copilot Updates

In this release, we have upgraded the AI model used in iService Copilot AI to GPT-4 Turbo which provides the most advanced large language model available today. 

Answer With AI Prompts

In addition to the updates to the GPT model, you can now craft your own AI prompts and make them available to agent. Your custom prompts will be available to agents anytime they interact with text (answering questions, creating knowledge base articles, writing emails, etc.). With a single button click iService combines your prompt with the customer’s question to compose a personalized response.

Some use cases include:

    • Sales Follow-ups:
      Use custom AI prompts to quickly draft follow-up emails that move your sales process forward. iService will use the details from your offer to create a personalized follow-up. 
    • Scheduling Visits:
      If your business frequently schedules visits but automated appointment booking is not feasible, custom AI prompts might be your answer. Let iService Copliot craft a custom message asking for good dates and times with a single click.
    • Handle Complex Questions:
      Embed knowledge directly into your prompts to help agents with complex questions. iService Copilot will use that information when composing a response. 

Copilot in Action

The video below demonstrates how iService Copilot simplifies scheduling a visit in a single click of a button:

Merge Tickets in Manage Messages

Our new merge tickets feature allows you to consolidate multiple tickets into a single one. If you have a customer that sends frequent questions, they may prefer to get a single answer from you rather than multiple emails related to the same topic.

You can see a small demonstration of how the feature works below:

Microsoft Graph API Integration

Last but not least, we have added support for Microsoft Graph API, which is now the preferred method to receive and send email from a Microsoft 365 mailbox. iService will continue to support the older methods of authentication, including EWS Oauth and EWS Basic Authentication. 

See the full release notes for iService here.