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iService CopilotElevate Your Customer Experience with AI

iService Copilot streamlines inserting generated text into responses with a single-click. Summarize long emails to get a quick understanding, improve writing, or generate new content with your own prompts. iService Copilot not only enhances the clarity of communication but also ensures a consistent tone that aligns with your brand’s voice.

iService Copilot
quick response

Faster resolution times

Copilot streamlines customer interactions, resulting in faster resolution times and better customer satisfaction.


Effortlessly generate responses

Agents can effortlessly generate concise and clear responses, elevating the standard of customer communications.


Improved Quality

This seamless integration of AI translates into a tangible improvement in overall service quality, enhancing customer experience and agent productivity.


IntegratedPrompt Window

Direct access to an OpenAI prompt

Get direct access to an OpenAI prompt window whenever you work with text. Agents can quickly get a better understanding of the customer’s question and explanations for complicated topics or terms.

Generate responses in real-time

Use the Copilot AI integration to generate a quick response to a customer question or get help writing content for knowledge base articles.

Increase productivity

iService Copilot can automate repetitive tasks, freeing up customer service agents to focus on more strategic initiatives. This can help increase productivity and reduce burnout among agents.


Brief, manageable summaries

Transform lengthy customer emails or feedback into brief, manageable summaries.

Faster response times

Summarizing long emails with iService Copilot can empower agents to deliver quicker and more personalized support to customers.

Better understanding of the customer need

Copilot can help agents understand the intent of customer inquiries, especially when they are long and describe multiple issues. This can help reduce response times, improve customer satisfaction, and increase sales.

For instance, distill a long customer complaint into key points so agents can craft a focused and effective response.



Improve Writing

Improve readability

Enhance your writing with better word choices, sentence structure, and overall clarity, promoting a polished and professional tone. Pre-written prompts return better responses, and iService Copilot includes prompts engineered for customer service.

Change your tone

Copilot can help you maintain a uniform tone of voice across all your interactions. This can help you build a consistent brand image and improve brand recognition.



Reach a wider audience by effortlessly simplifying complex language, making your content more accessible and engaging.



Efficiently remove unnecessary elements from your text, allowing you to convey your message with brevity and focus.


Streamlined Usage

Insert your generated text directly into your content with the click of a button. No more pasting between ChatGPT windows.



Instantly generate additional details or ideas to enrich your content, ensuring depth and completeness in your communication.


Change Tone

Tailor your content to different contexts by switching between professional, casual, direct, confident, or friendly tones to match your audience and purpose.

Why iService Copilot?



iService Copilot streamlines your email workflow, making handling emails a breeze.



Spend less time on the mechanics of writing and more time on strategic thinking.


Ease of Use

Pre-written prompts make AI usage accessible for beginners, empowering everyone to harness the power of AI effortlessly.

How iService Copilot works

iService follows OpenAI’s best practices for API key safety, using a server-side proxy for a secure connection to OpenAI. After you save your API key within iService, the full key will never be displayed and is not included in a user’s browser.

co pilot

Embrace iService Copilot Today

Unlike our competitors, iService AI integration is available without additional licensing fees. This ensures that customers can immediately leverage the power of AI in their customer service interactions. To activate iService Copilot, simply create an OpenAI API key and save it in your tenant settings. Once this key is integrated, you can start using the feature right away.