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iService® connects your customers to the right agents, at the right time, in the right channel.

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Keep your agents productive

Streamline every

Not all customer interactions are created equal. Some questions are from your highest priority customers, some are urgent, and others are not questions at all. iService provides a tailored interface designed to streamline the way you interact with your customers, prospects, and operational systems. Service levels and skills-based routing ensure your teammates are always working on the right issue with the right interface.

What you get

Some key features of iService®

High Volume Messaging

Respond to increasing volumes of customer email with higher quality and less effort. iService® evaluates incoming messages, queues them, and automates assignment. Productivity tools ensure your brand is well represented. Its intuitive user interface makes it easy for new agents to begin handling messages with little training.

Business Intelligence

How many interactions do you handle per day? Per agent? Per customer? Are you hitting your service levels? What's your first call resolution rate? iService provides these answers with detailed metrics for all aspects of your customer interactions. Metrics can be viewed in your web browser, or delivered with a subscription.

iService® Live Chat

Engage your website visitors in live chat to close sales and improve the quality of service. As an integrated component of iService®, your team has access to the full suite of productivity tools like stock responses, customer history, and the full knowledge base. iService® Chat uses your default settings and scales well with minimal overhead on your website.

iCentives® Email Marketing

iCentives® provides a robust email marketing solution integrated with all aspects of the iService® system. This integration allows you to go beyond the point solutions typically used for sending outbound emails. With iCentives®, you have a completely integrated system for managing all aspects of the customer interaction process.

Knowledge Management

Customer self-service is good for your customers, and it's good for you. Reduce the number of questions your teams handle by letting customers help themselves. The iService® KB provides an easy to use interface for creating and managing content that empowers your team to keep content fresh.

360° View of Your Customer

iService® gives you quick access to everything you know about your customer and their interactions with your teams. Extend your view of contacts with an unlimited number of custom fields. Keep your information up to date with one of our integration options. Manage their mailing subscriptions and campaigns in one simple view.

You'll be in good company

Some of the customer focused companies using iService